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Extract app connections and tables lineage


I am having trouble extracting application lineage (for Qlik Cloud/Qlik Enterprise) with Qlik engine API and QRS.

What I want : Extract what fields an app uses, and from which source it comes (file, connection, ...). Or at least which sources an app uses.

What I have :

But I can't tell that the table "city" comes from the dataconnector "Postgres" named "PostgreSQL_XYZ", as on this view(data manager) :

Capture d’écran 2022-02-08 110025.png

I tried to look at the endpoint on the lineage (GetLineage method), but I don't know what to do with the result, because it does not say precisely which data source it is.

Anyone knows what I am missing ?



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Extracting lineage can return different results based on whether you’re extracting from a pipeline created in the Pipeline Modeler or extracting lineage from a single connection. Setting up a pipeline and extracting the data varies depending on the connection, graph, and dataset type. These examples give high-level information for accomplishing lineage extraction on connections and pipelines.


Talend has one I have seen, we were using one from a vendor we used. We have also used the IBM data catalog tool that has lineages. Most of the setups I have seen is you have a data quality tool that builds the lineages from your metadata. Then feeds that to your data catalog to show the data quality of the data in your catalog and it would also show you the lineages