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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

redefinition of field - how to propagate?


i've got the following situation:

i have downloaded a dataset for a yellow taxis trips (

i have imported it as a new entity, with structure defined by sampling and loaded it.

i have discovered, that sample that i have defined incorrectly defined one of the amounts (tolls_amount field is booleans instead of double)

at this point i redefined it in the source section (external metadata), removed all loads and rerun the load, the internal metadata in discovery section is fine, i can see the disctribution but, i cannot use the query.

it seems that the definition of the postgres foreign table, that maps the file - is still using the boolean as the data type.

what is the safest way to redefine that definition? at which point it can be regenerated?

thanks, rd

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