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Problems establishing ODBC connection to ORACLE using ODBC Connector in QSEoW June 2020 13.82.4...


We are running into a problem when using the ODBC Connector and trying to connect to an ORACLE source. 

We have defined the proper service connections in a tnsnames.ora file and the system environment variable TNS_ADMIN has been set to the path where the tnsnames.ora file resides.  We can create new connections to the ORACLE source and test them using the Windows Server ODBC manager.  We can also use these connections from QlikView PE installed in the same server, as well as with DTM SQL Runner; but we get a basic ORA-12154 error when we try to use the same connection to this source from QSE using the ODBC Connector (please see images attached).

An interesting aspect of this situation is that we were originally using the Qlik ORACLE Connector in QSE, but the performance is TERRIBLE (data loads that take 2 hours in an equivalently configured QVS server take 4+ hours in QSE, but the throughput results obtained when using SQL Runner are equivalent in both systems); so we installed the ORACLE client in the server in order to compare the performance of both types of connections and then we got this error.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be happening here?  Is this a bug in the ODBC Connector Package?  Any thoughts from @Sonja_Bauernfeind or @Andre_Sostizzo ?

Please advise.



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So, @Sonja_Bauernfeind or @Andre_Sostizzo, don't you have any comments about this?  We followed the instructions on the articles that you have posted about this and proved that the ORACLE ODBC connections can be used in both QV PE and SQL Runner.  What can be causing that the same connections don't work in QSEoW?