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Added support for Qlik Sense into QDF

Qlik Sense and Qlik Deployment Framework

All the enhanced functionality that QlikView Deployment Framework brings to QlikView can also be utilized in Qlik Sense. QlikView Deployment Framework is still managed within QlikView using the Variable Editor but QDF v 1.4.1 QlikView and Qlik Sense are seamlessly integrates between each other. This means that container resources like sub functions and global variables are identical and available from both systems.

Qlik Sense folder connection

Qlik Sense has a new folder access method called folder connection. Adding a folder connection will create a LIB URL to the repository folder. The traditional QlikView way to accessing files (c:\xx\yy or \\ServerName\yy) is in Sense called legacy mode and disabled by default while accessing files using LIB’s is called native mode and enabled by default. QlikView Deployment Framework works in native mode and utilizes the LIB URLs.

Qlik Sense integration into QDF can be done in two different ways. First alternative is to mount the whole container structure (root) under one single LIB (Singe LIB mounts) and the second is to mount each container individually as its own LIB folder connection (Separate LIB mounts). Which mode used is depending on the LIB setup and will be identified automatically when the framework initializes. Modes can be mixed from app to app in the same setup, for example depending on security level.


QlikView Global Variable

Qlik Sense Global Variable

vG.QVDPath= \\Server\QDF\1.Example\2.QVD



separate Mounts

Single Mount

Read more in attached QlikView Deployment Framework-Qlik Sense additional notes.pdf

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