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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Calender falgs in the framework calender.


I would like to see some calender flags in the next version of the deployment framework calender.  Something like this (see below) and also some flags for e.g ”last year to date – 1 day”, let me know what you think.


Lars Plenge - NNIT Denmark.

          if(InYearToDate (KEY_Date, Date($(vToday)), 0),1,0) as Calender.YTD_TY,

          if(InYearToDate (KEY_Date, Date($(vTodayLastYear)), 0),1,0) as Calender.YTD_LY,

//       Quarter

          if(InQuarterToDate (KEY_Date, $(vTodayLastYear), 0),1) as Calender.QTD_TY, //  All Dates In Current Quarter to Date Last Year

          if(InQuarterToDate (KEY_Date,$(vToday), -1),1) as Calender.QTD_PRQ, //  All Dates In Previous Quarter to Date

//       Month

          if(InMonthToDate (KEY_Date, $(vToday), 0),1) as Calender.MTD_TY, //  All Dates In Current Month to Date This Year

          if(InMonthToDate (KEY_Date, $(vTodayLastYear), 0),1) as Calender.MTD_LY, //  All Dates In Current Month to Date Last Year

          if(InMonthToDate (KEY_Date,$(vToday), -1),1) as Calender.MTD_PM, //  All Dates In Previous Month to Date

          if(InMonth (KEY_Date, $(vToday), 0),1) as Calender.TM_TY, //  All Dates In Current Month  This Year

          if(InMonth (KEY_Date, $(vToday), -1),1) as Calender.PM_TY, //  All Dates In Previous Month  This Year

// Within period

          if(InMonths (3,KEY_Date, AddMonths($(vToday),-3), 0),1) as Calender.P3M, //  All Dates In Previous 3 Months  This Year

          if(InMonths (3,KEY_Date, AddMonths($(vToday),-4), 1),1) as Calender.P3M_PM, //  All Dates In Previous 3 Months  This Year

          if(MonthStart($(vTodayLastYear))>KEY_Date ,1) as Calender.P12M, //  All Dates In Previous 12 Months 

          if(KEY_Date > $(vToday),1) as [Calender.KD>TD],

          Year2date(KEY_Date)*-1 as Calender.CurYTDFlag,

          Year2date(KEY_Date,-1)*-1 as Calender.LastYTDFlag                */

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Dear Lars,

if you what me to vote, try to write a better description of your idea. I do not really understand what you mean when I "quick read" our idea. To much code to read and understand.