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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Error IndexAdd QDF 1.7.0 and Sense June 2017

Not sure if somebody else came across the same issue, I am trying to test the Indexing functions of the QDF with Qlik Sense June 2017 and I am getting a strange error

This is my simple script:

SET vG.HomeContainer = 'lib://1.1.Example';



LOAD * FROM $(vG.QVDPath)\Product.qvd (qvd);

COMMENT TABLE [$(vL.TableName)] with 'Level1,ProductData';  //Comment table

STORE Product INTO '$(vG.QVDPath)\Product.qvd';

Call IndexAdd('$(vG.QVDPath)\Product.qvd');

I am getting this error:


Any idea?

The same script works perfect using QlikView

1 Reply

Hi Luciano, and sorry for late reply, I tried the same thing as you did using the latest QDF release and got it working. I think your problem is that no Shared container been added into your libs. The index is stored inside the shared container, this to be accessible for everyone (you can change the default global path using aditional switch in the Index function). Below is how it should look like, using separate lib mounts:

Where Shared connection points to the Shared container in my case C:\QlikResources\99.Shared_Folders\

Hope that this helps, best regards