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How to keep created variables clean on frontend?


I'm interested in installing, testing and, if approved, implementing QDF within our company.

I saw the video's and read all of the documents to understand the purpose and learn as much of this before we really start.

I have a simple question:

After pasting the INIT script code (to include first base variables) and reload it, all Global variables are created.

"These variables are used when developing instead of hardcoding or using relative paths".

I also read this article (of Andre van der Merwe) on Linkedin QlikView group:

Removing QlikView Backend (Script) Variables from the Frontend | B2IT

"If you have a very complicated script with many variables, this really makes a mess of your variables in the frontend."

Andre proposes: "to set all the variables equal to NULL at the end of the script as follows. Now when you reload the script, the variables will be created during the load of the script and will then be removed once the script has finished reloading."

>> Is this also a good practice to work with in QDF?

Rob Jouvenaar

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Hi Rob, we already NULL all internal variables (that's not needed after initiation) in the 1.Init.qvs script, only global variables are left. Do not see any reason why these can't be there as they are tagged as global (.vG) and easy to separate from local variables.

Hope this helps

Best regards