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Introduction to the QlikView Deployment Framework - Technical Brief


Managing a Business Intelligence (BI) deployment of any size is not trivial. Hardware, software, data and analytical applications, all require individual attention to ensure their stability and effectiveness. In order to ease maintenance, increase productivity and prevent an ‘out of control’ BI deployment, it is essential to implement standards and best practices as the groundwork for application governance.

The QlikView Deployment Framework (QDF) introduces a set of standards and best practices to QlikView. It’s a result of the combined experiences of our customers, partners and QlikView experts. Its main purpose is to address structure, organization and resource reusability within a QlikView environment, in turn reducing development time and increasing QlikView manageability.

Who is this document for?

This document will provide QlikView administrators, developers and partners with a technical overview of the QlikView Deployment Framework (QDF) – a set of best practices, libraries and tools that assist with the setup, development, and control of a QlikView environment. This document assumes there is a general understanding and working knowledge of the QlikView platform. (An introduction to QlikView is covered in greater detail in the standard QlikView materials. Please refer to the Appendix for more information.)

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Mike Tarallo
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