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Qlik-Deployment-Framework (QDF) for Qlik Cloud (v.1.8 alfa)

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Qlik-Deployment-Framework (QDF) for Qlik Cloud (v.1.8 alfa)

Qlik Deployment Framework for Cloud (alpha) 
These scripts are specific for Qlik Cloud, meaning that you can not run Qlik Sense desktop, QlikView or Qlik Sense server together with these scripts. Qlik Cloud spaces can be used as containers as well as classic containers stored under external storage that is mapped as a drive in Qlik Cloud.

This is an early alfa with several bugs and limitations in Qlik Cloud. Use standard QDF containers and replace the scripts with these. All QDF functions are loaded in during initiation but not all of functions are tested to work with Qlik Cloud.

  • An external Shared container is a must containing these Qlik Cloud script (replacing older QDF container scripts) in an external storage. This container is need to initiate QDF using Qlik Sense reload script, using vG.HomeContainer as seen below:
    • SET vG.HomeContainer='lib://user:OneDrive - user/QDF_SaaS/Shared';
    • $(Include=$(vG.HomeContainer)\InitLink.qvs);
  • In this release all container folders in external drives (folders you want QDF to identify as Global Variable path) need to include the Info.txt file, as this file identifies the folder as a Global path
  • External drives are really picky on trailing slash, for OneDrive no trailing slash is possible
  • To identify containers stored in external drives, the 'AltPath' to the external dirve and container root needs to be specified in vG.SharedBaseVariablePath/ContainerMap.csv
  • Qlik Cloud spaces as containers works but with limited subfolders, only global variables vG.BasePath and vG.QVDPath are generated and used.
    • Mapp QDF container -> space by adding space name in Prefix and ContainerName under vG.SharedBaseVariablePath/ContainerMap.csv (no AltPath are specified in container map)
  • Use $(include=$(vG.HomeContainer)/InitLinkSkip.qvs); to skip executing the initiation code that identifies related containers, this only works when initiation has executed successfully one time in the same location

Link to git Qlik Deployment Framework for Cloud (alpha) 

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