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Creator III
Creator III

Content Admin Role Using Attribute Table

We have just installed Qlik Sense server Nov 2019 Release. We have set up a Attribute table  with these 3 fields

userid,type, value


We are trying to assign a content admin role to each user based on  the value. We have a created a new Content Admin rule as below:

(user.role like “adm” and resource.Stream.HasPrivilege(“Read”))

So when I sync the UDC I expect that user 1 shall have QMC access to his contents. But this rule doesnt seem to be working 

But if I hard code the attribute like user.role = 'stream1-adm', it works fine. 

what am I missing here.




2 Replies

I would give (user.role like “*adm” and resource.Stream.HasPrivilege(“Read”)) a go. From the docs,  you're going to want to use a * as a wildcard to match.

Creator III
Creator III

It didn't work. Let's talk about the Stream Rule rule first. I created  a Custom Properties for each stream like 

Stream1, Stream2, Stream 3  etc .matching the Value names coming from the attribute table for Type "stream"and called that Custom Property as "Stream" . Now I created a Security Rule

like ((user.stream =resource.stream@Stream)). 

I expect that when each user logs in based on their access they should be able to access their own stream, but its not working .

What am I missing here ?