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Creator III

QLik Sense Shared Folder Permissions

We are using QS April 2020 .IN our environment users don’t have an option of creating a folder connection due to security reasons so we can up with a Shared Drive folder connection, every group provided us  a shared drive they would like to connect to and we created the folder connection for them.  Offcourse they had to give full access rights to the  Service Account  for us to map that shared drive.

Now the issue we are facing is  when the users within the group  are accessing that folder they are able to see all the subfolders which they are not suppose to see cuz those folders are not accessible to them using windows explorer but Qlik Sense will. Is there a way for Qlik Sense to inherit the Windows Folder properties or is there anotehr work around?

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Hi @Rehan 

As you correctly identify it's the service account that needs to be given rights to the folder and when users are getting data from the folders they are effectively browsing as the service account. There is no way (as far as I know) of changing that functionality - often it is a good thing as you can give users access to files without giving their user accounts elevated rights to the server.

The way to stop users being able to see things outside of the folders you want them to see is to create the connections to folders that are not nested within each other.

If you have a folder structure like:

    - Sales
    - HR
    - Finance

Make sure that when you create the shares for each of the departments you map the folder connection to the sub folder, rather than the RootFolder. That way someone in Sales would not be able to get data from the HR connection.

Hope that helps.