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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Qlik Healthcare Posters - Use Cases from Around the Globe

At Qonnections 2018, the Qlik Healthcare community launched a Poster contest covering actual use cases. Want to review all the healthcare posters? View this recap session ondemand:

#QlikPoster #QlikPosters

Below you'll find a number of the posters highlighted and we'll continue to add details over the coming weeks.


NSW Health - STARS Back Pain app

The design of this app has led to the development of a new multidisciplinary collaboration and feasible implementation of low cost, pragmatic, translational research. Looking forward, we also have a prototype to use in a wide range of other health care conditions.

1 Qonnections Healthcare Poster - NSW Health - Back Pain.png


NHS Cambridge University Hospitals - QlikFlu - Tracking influenza cases.

NHS can now monitor each flu season in detail, examine the different strains of flu that occur, review inpatients who have influenza and modify infection control advice accordingly.  The app has contributed in decreasing the nosocomial influenza infection from 34% to 20% - a decrease of approximately 40%.

3 Qonnections Healthcare Poster - Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundaton Trust - QlikFlu.png


Waitemata District Health Board - Qlik for Care Re-design - General Surgery Care Pathways

The Care Pathway applications for three conditions account for 65% of all acute surgical cases. Using the data, WDHB improved care, reduced wait times, and reduced unwarranted clinical variation.

4 Qonnections Healthcare Poster - Waitamata.png


Ottawa Paramedic Service - Paramedic & ED Dashboard

The Ottawa Paramedic Service, in partnership with GINQO, have created two real-time dashboards using Qlik. One to understand ongoing operational demands, and another to support front line dispatchers with patient distribution and ready ER staff for incoming patients. The operational dashboard provides situational awareness related to current call volume pressures, response time performance, and offload delays. The hospital notification board allows hospitals to view city-wide distributions of transported patients. Emergency Department staff see in real-time the frequency of patients transported by paramedics to each of the area hospitals and allows the emergency department to track and mitigate paramedic offload delays.

2 Qonnections Healthcare Poster - Ottawa Paramedic Services - ED Hospital.png


Jefferson Health - Modified Early Warning Score

Close to real-time MEWS usage has been demonstrated to:

- Decrease in hospital cardiac arrest

- Decrease in mortality

- Decrease in unplanned ICU transfers

- Show predictive efficacy in septic shock

6 Qonnections Healthcare Poster - Jefferson Health - Modified Early Warning Score MEWS.png


The Ohio State University Physicians Group - Asthma Control Test

Achievement: The percentage of ACT scores captured from patients and placed into the flowsheet has improved from approximately 50% to 75% since the Qlik application implementation.  Much of this is tied directly to improved trending of data and communication.

5 Qonnections Healthcare Poster - OSUP - Asthma Control Test.png


UW Health - Emergency Department Patient Flow

Discoveries: This Qlik dashboard has directly informed physician and nursing staffing decisions as well illuminated areas for opportunity for departmental projects such as patient discharges from fast track area, wait times, and length of stay.

That interesting visualization for flow? The Sankey diagram. Available on Qlik Branch.

7 Qonnections Healthcare Poster - UW Health - ED Patient Flow.png


Beaumont Health - Inpatient and Outpatient Best Practice Alert Reduction

Alert fatigue is real. Beaumont used Qlik to make significant build changes to their EHR and reduce unnecessary alerts. BPAs shown to clinicians: reduced 68%. Background BPA fires: reduced 79%. Medication Alerts fired per order: reduced 57%.

"It wasn’t until we created our BPA dashboards in Qlik Sense, that we began to truly understand what BPAs were firing to who, the number of times each BPA fired before they were addressed, and if they were built appropriately."

8 Qonnections Healthcare Poster - Beaumont - Best Practice Alerts BPA Reduction.png

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