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Luminary Alumni

The Qlik Core Bike - Touring the Globe

You may have seen, heard about, or even ridden the Qlik Core powered bike at any of many various events. Qlik Core and the fun bike experiment launched at Qonnections 2018, and the bikes have been making appearances and making people sweat in their business casual clothes ever since.


Some posts announcing and describing Qlik Core and the bikes:


If you're interested in bike, just let us know. It's great for fundraisers and fitness challenges!


Now for a few random photos of the bike and participants. A few videos at the bottom.

2018-10-31 16_26_51-(3) _qlik bike_ _ Search _ LinkedIn.png


2018-10-31 16_25_46-(3) _qlik bike_ _ Search _ LinkedIn.png


2018-10-31 16_23_00-_qlik core bike_ _ Search _ LinkedIn.png


2018-10-31 16_21_21-qlik core bike - Twitter Search.png


2018-10-31 16_21_45-qlik core bike - Twitter Search.png


2018-10-31 16_22_16-qlik bike - Twitter Search.png


2018-10-31 16_23_27-_qlik bike_ _ Search _ LinkedIn.png


2018-10-31 16_23_48-_qlik bike_ _ Search _ LinkedIn.png


2018-10-31 16_26_20-(3) _qlik bike_ _ Search _ LinkedIn.png


2018-10-31 16_26_36-(3) _qlik bike_ _ Search _ LinkedIn.png


2018-10-31 16_24_07-_qlik bike_ _ Search _ LinkedIn.png



 GOSH - bike.jpg

Overview video of Qlik Core:

Introducing Qlik Core - YouTube


Qlik Core Bike in action video:

Qlik Core Helicopter GameQlik Core Helicopter Game

 Qlik Fed SummitQlik Fed SummitQlik Fed SummitQlik Fed Summit

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My name is Jenna and I love Sleeper pajamas, especially pajamas with feathers