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Embedding Qlik Sense object into Java web app using Mashup API

Hi Everyone,

I am new in Qlik world and  trying to embed objects from Qlik sense into my HTML pages which is a part of our java application. I am trying to use Mashup API for this. My Qlik sense server and web server are hosted in different location.To avoid CORS error we have set allow-cross-origin into Qlik proxy server.

My mashu API is making an ajax call to qlik server to get the object, it looks like since it is not authenticated , qlik sense is redirecting it to port 4244 (auth module) and it is giving me 401.

Has anyone try doing what I am up to. Also when using mahu up api how can I authenticate user or pass the generated ticket to qlik using JS API ?



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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni


you have to authorize the user against the proxy. If the user is already authorized, just inject the Session Cockie into your requets.



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Hi Vishal,

Did you ever figure out how to authenticate a user who is trying to access a mashup?  If so, can you please share the required steps after obtaining the ticket?




Hi Grace,

I have implemented Single sign on (Shibboleth) to authenticated user in my portal and in Qlik sense.

You can choose any auth mechanism. As long as the user is authenticated against Qlik ,then can use mash up without any problem. I have tried almost all including anonymous and it worked like a charm.

In case you are going for ticket auth , I think straight mashup can not work. You need to put forward proxy mechanism and add ticket to the URL dynamically.