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Filters on objects using Qlik Engine APIs

I want to apply filters on Qlik object to get Hypercube Data of a selected rows and columns by values, not by Rows and Column Index numbers.


I want to get a filtered object by Column name "L3" for value "ERS-SDES-IOT" and rows and column indexes are variable.


What i tried so far is :-


"method": "SelectHyperCubeCells",

"handle": 3,

"params": [


  [ 1 ],

  [ 1 ]


"id": 4,

"jsonrpc": "2.0"


But it allows me filter Objects only by row and column index numbers. My question is how to get filtered table using values?

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The most common way to do this is with SelectHyperCubeValues SelectHyperCubeValues method ‒ Qlik Sense Developers

In your case you would use the index of the L3 field and the qElemNumber of the value you want to select.

You could also use field methods:

- LowLevelSelect method ‒ Qlik Sense Developers

- SelectValues method ‒ Qlik Sense Developers

But they would only work if the dimension is a field.

Hope this helps you

Erik Wetterberg

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Thanks for your reply. Would you please help me on how to get qElemNumber of a value  before fetching the data because i wil only fetch hypercube data after applying fllters.



As far as I know that's not possible, but you could use field.selectValues. How do you know that there is such a thing as "ERS-SDES-IOT" without actually fetching the values for L3?

Erik Wetterberg

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