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Mashup does not allow certain mouse clicks

I am writing a mashup currently inside of an Ember environment (I know, Qlik uses Angular - this is my problem).  I am able to display the mashup properly using the capabilities API's getObject and can even use some of the tools provided for user selections.  The issue comes in when I try to click on certain things.

Here is a list of items I try to click on with nothing working:

  • Any filter inside of a filter pane (Strangely, if I click and drag a little bit, I can select something in here)
  • The green "Confirm" button
  • The red "Cancel" button
  • The "Clear" button
  • The "..." ellipsis
  • Any filter select input box

So, this is pretty debilitating for our users of course and I'd like to get this fixed quickly.  Has anyone run into this issue before and has anyone attempted a fix at this?  Is this something I need to put in pure angular to work?

As a side note, I can still click on bars in a bar graph, pie chart slices, even use the lasso tools provided.

Another side note: I can make these selections normally when looking in native Qlik sheets

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Try using Sense UI filter extension



I have exactly the same problem.

Did you find a way to solve it?