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Contributor II
Contributor II

Mashup or QS objects integration on Public Website

Hi Qlik users,

I am new to mashup and QS Integration. 

The goal I have is to present a mashup without authentication required or add QS objects on my website that will automatically refresh. Anyone should be able to see the graphs on the webpage.

I am working with QS Enterprise with user-based licenses I have a set number of user with professional access and a set number of user with analyzer access.

With devhub I am able to generate an iframe of the sheets and charts to be consumed by the webpage but to consume that a login is still required.

I have scanned through various documentations, posts  etc but I can figure out how I can share Qlik content up to date with my Enterprise app on a public page.

Could anyone point me in the right direction please? What is the alternative to anonymous authentication ? with my license model it does not work out


User-based licenses, with professional access and analyzer access, do not support anonymous authentication.


@Michael_Tarallo  is there a way to access your demo without id and password?

Thank you everyone for help and support in advance.


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I have exactly the same issue. Did you ultimately find a solution?



Contributor II
Contributor II

@ganganana99 unfortunately  not. sorry missed this message