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Qlik Multi-Cloud Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Digital Support

Qlik Multi-Cloud Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Multi-Cloud?

For Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows (QSEoW) see:

For QlikView Server see:


2. How is the Multi-Cloud environment licensed?

Licensing the products in a Multi-Cloud requires applying a Signed License Key (SLK). The same Signed License Key is applied on Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows (QSEoW) as well as any other edition of Qlik Sense such as Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS (QSE SaaS, formally known as QSEoCS), or QSEoK. More information on those editions of Qlik Sense via Cloud Editions of Qlik Sense - a.k.a. Qlik Cloud Services - Qlik Sense Business - QSEoCS - QSEo

For QlikView Server Multi-Cloud licensing, the same SLK purchased for either one of the Qlik Sense edition products can have Unified License attributes associated and applied in order to unlock Cloud Deployments.

Having a SLK for your QSEoW does not necessarily entitle a Multi-Cloud deployment. The necessary license attribute(s) for the specific product(s) (e.g. QSE SaaS, or QSEoK) that makes up the Multi-Cloud environment need(s) to be added to the same SLK.


3. Can Multi-Cloud be setup with Qlik Sense Business?

Qlik Sense Business (QSB) does not support Multi-Cloud as it does not support "bring-your-own-IdP" (BYOIDP). Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS (QSE SaaS) supports the use of external IdPs which can also be used for the integration with QSEoW.

4. How is Multi-cloud configured?

There are example setups available in the knowledge base and Qlik help sites. See Setting Up Qlik Sense Enterprise Multi-Cloud or Qlik Cloud Services

5. Do I need to use an external Identity Provider (IdP) in order to configure Multi-Cloud?

Depending on the Multi-Cloud setup, yes. Most production use-cases of Multi-Cloud may require the use of a third party Identity Provider (IdP) for interactive login. However, an external IdP for Interactive login is not required when evaluating the product. For creating an "app deployment" trust (non-interactive) between the On-premises Qlik product (e.g QlikView, QSEoW) and the Cloud edition of Qlik Sense (e.g. QSE SaaS, QSEoK) a Local Bearer Token is the easiest method which does not require an external IdP.
Also see this article for more details: Multi-cloud deployment: difference between using an identity provider and a local bearer token 


6. How is Multi-Cloud supported?

Support for Multi-Cloud is provided as support would be provided to a normal feature attached to whichever product is involved in the Multi-Cloud deployment. However, some aspects of the multi-cloud feature are limited to best-effort and implementation walk-through as with any Qlik product is not carried out by Qlik Support. Furthermore, Identity Provider (IdP) and QSEoK related issues may need a Consulting Service engagement.

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