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Restore deleted app in Qlik Sense, Import app in Qlik Sense

Digital Support
Digital Support

Restore deleted app in Qlik Sense, Import app in Qlik Sense

A Qlik Sense app has been deleted from the Qlik Sense Management Console and needs to be restored.

! Deleting Qlik Sense application from Qlik Management Console (QMC) is generally an irreversible process. Restoring the applications is only possible if a previous backup exists. The delete process removes all files from the configured file share. See Creating a file share (Help.com).

If a backup of the files exists, proceed with the documented steps.

Note that these steps can also be applied when restoring and importing from one Qlik Sense environment to the other. 




To successfully restore Qlik Sense Application to the Qlik Sense environment, you must ensure backup strategy using your backup software tool for your shared folder, where Qlik Sense Application files are stored.

! If no backups of files are available, no restoration will be possible. 

Restore process:


1. Find the App filename

The App filename is composed with APP_ID and no extension. If only the app name is known, the app ID may be found in the AuditActivity_Engine log found under \\<rootShare>\Log\Engine\Audit\ by default. An example showing App id followed by App name follows:

492    20180521T180500.118+0200    QlikServer1    0ccd5e9f-e020-4b76-a84d-144bdf903765    20180521T180500.112+0200    Command=Reload app;Result=0;ResultText=Success    0    0    2290    INTERNAL    sa_scheduler    d296b870-da06-4311-bacc-038992b1c954    c047d8a7-148c-4ea6-97f2-10290e706cd7    License Monitor    Engine    Not available    Doc::DoReloadEx    Reload app    0    Success    0ccd5e9f-e020-4b76-a84d-144bdf903765



2. Add extension ".qvf" to the app file

This will make the file readable and importable. 

  • Navigate to the file on disk.
  • Right-click and click rename 
  • Add .qvf as a file extension
  • Confirm any warnings that the file may not be accessible any more after renaming



3. Import the App

  • Open the Qlik Sense Management Console
  • Go to Apps
  • Locate and click Import 


  •  Locate the file on disk
  • Click Open




  • Rename the App to the original name



4. App has been imported and received a new APP_ID

You can now locate the app in the shared folder with a new App ID.


5. Find the proper stream where the app resides



6. Go to section "APPS" select the app, hit "Publish"



Click Publish  


The Publishing dialogue:



7. Hit "Ok", the app is being published - IMPORTED back


8. The confirmation message should now print as Successful in the App list.



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