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Pixel Perfect - Striped Table

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Creator III
Creator III

Pixel Perfect - Striped Table


In this article  I will describe the steps which allow you to create striped table in the PixelPerfect report.

1. Create a straight table in the QlikSense, e.g.  Population table

2. Add expression as a last column:


Row(Total) adds number to each row, even function shows if the number is even or not.

Straight table1.jpg

3. Add Table as a level in the Nprinting report


4. Create a table

  • Add Group Header and change background to preferred color, for instance 91; 155; 213
  • Change Font color to white
  • Add all columns from table into Detail
  • Apply necessary formatting
  • Reduce the size of Even column to 10 and change its font color to Transparent. Even column should be hidden from user, we will use it only in the formatting condition
  • Reduce the size of "Population" column  by 10. After this all the visible columns will look the same in the report.


5. Create a formatting rule with the following settings:


Iif([Even(RowNo(Total))]  == -1,  True, False)

Background Color: for instance 221; 235; 247



6. Apply formatting rule to the level

Add Formatting Rule.jpg 

7. Generate the report


Hopefully  it will be useful.



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