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QlikView Data Analyzer v2.0 - with Set Analysis Generator and Charts Generator Features

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QlikView Data Analyzer v2.0 - with Set Analysis Generator and Charts Generator Features

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Sep 21, 2022 1:07:35 PM

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Jan 7, 2019 10:47:55 AM


I  am glad to announce the release of QlikView Data Analyzer v2.0 which contains advanced features like Set Analysis Generator and Charts Generator. This is the next version to the First version released in March 2018. The objective of QlikView Data Analyzer is to Automate repetitive tasks as much as possible and increase the productivity and efficiency of QlikView Dashboards Development!



This application can be used for developing new QlikView Dashboards by quickly generating expressions and Charts. It is also fully portable  to copy these features into any existing QlikView applications and no reloading or script changes required as all the functionalities are handled via Macros.  Another area where the Data Analyzer is very helpful is for validating and testing the data

QlikView Data Analyzer v2.0 has the following features (Please see the attached User Guide for further info):

  1. Create Table Box
  2. Create List Box
  3. Create Text Box
  4. Normal / Wildcard Search
  5. Set Analysis Generator
  6. Charts Generator
  7. Data Profiler
  8. Variables List Generator
  9. ASCII Characters List
  10. Clean Up Features

Set Analysis Generator

A Set Analysis Expression can be quickly generated with just few clicks and the result can be see instantly. This expression can be copied and used in any other charts as required. Also this generated expression can be used to generate the required charts with the Charts Generator feature



 Charts Generator

Charts can be generated on the Fly by making use of the generated expression by the Set Analysis Generator



 Data Profiler

This feature shows the Profiling results of a Field and also the Tables Summary with the number of columns and number of rows for all the Tables in the Data Model.



 Variables List Generator

This feature allows the generation of the list of all the variables in the application. The purpose of which would be to see all the variables in one place and also to amend them in the same object and also to copy and use them in writing advanced variable-based expressions.


Follow these steps for copying the objects into any QlikView Application:

  1. Create a new Tab in your existing application and rename it as "Data Analyzer"
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + s and Copy all the objects (Ctrl + a and Ctrl + c) in the "Data Analyzer" tab of QlikView Data Analyzer Application and paste in the "Data Analyzer" tab by pressing Ctrl + v of your application
  3. Press CTRL + M in the QlikView Data Analyzer Application and copy all the Macro code and paste that macro code into the Macro window of your application. 
  4. Press Reset button to create all the Variables required by the Data Analyzer Objects in order to perform as required
  5. Click on Set Analysis Generator button twice to enable the show / hide functionalities (This pressing of button twice is only required to be done once for the first time after pressing the Reset button as this will enable the show / hide functionality of the button)
  6. To enable the Variable List Generator functionality please see page 3 of the attached User guide and follow steps 8 to 12

QlikView List Box Search String Generator Excel Macro

I have also developed a QlikView List Box Search String Generator Excel Macro Workbook which helps in the generation of a List box search string. Please find the attached QlikView List Box Search String Generator Excel  which contains the Excel Macro workbook,  QlikView List Box Search String Generator.xlsm. Please see page 19 in the attached User Guide for more information on how to use this Excel Macro feature.

Usage Scenarios

1. The QlikView Data Analyzer can be used for Rapid Application development, testing and validation purposes. Also its very much helpful for requirements gathering phase, for example you can quickly load the required tables and prepare the data model and have a WebEx session / In person session with the End Users and Business Analysts to quickly show them the Data, generate the expressions, show the expression results and also generate Charts and get feedback on further improvements and help with finalising / refining the requirements.

2. This Application can also be used to help building Qlik Sense applications by generating the Expressions quickly, copying and pasting into Qlik Sense Charts and also for Data validation and testing purposes. For this in order to work QlikView Data Analyzer Application should have the same Data Model as Qlik Sense Application.


1. This application has basic Set Analysis features and more advanced features like Set Operators, P() and E() functions are not included yet. Also Date ranges and Variables are not yet implemented in the Set Analysis expression generation. However even without these, its still very helpful to generate the expression quickly, copy into a Text object and manually enhance it as needed.

2. Also the Charts Generator is only implemented for generating Eight Chart types as you can see in the screenshot above. Also for Scatter chart a second expression need to be added manually to make it work.

Deploying into UAT / Production Environments

Once your application was built and ready to be deployed into UAT / Production environments then please see Page 17 of the attached User Guide document for the clean up process.

Please share your valuable feedback in the comments section to improvise the QlikView Data Analyzer features and functionality. 

Happy Qliking!!


Sandeep Vangala

Founder & CEO


New York and London

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Master III

Great one ! Thanks!

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