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Contributor II
Contributor II

Connecting Qlik Sense to Postgresql on linux

Hello Everyone,

Need steps for the following.

how to configure or map the existing qlik sense environment to new postgresql server ( linux ). We have qlik sense on Windows and Postgresql on Linux already.

We want to add a new postgresql vm to the existing qlik environment.


Need steps iin how to map this new VM - postgresql on linux to exisitng qlik sense on windows  

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

This should be the same as any stand alone Postgres DB with Qlik Sense. Here is the official Qlik Documentation: 

If you need to move an existing to an external Postgres DB, here are a list of steps I found from the community: 

I have done this before, if you have a question on anything specific, please feel free to ask. Good Luck - 

Creator II
Creator II

@GovindGSC @Qlik_Administrator_Dude all Qlik documentation is for Windows platform only.

Could you please help me with steps for migrating existing local Qlik Sense install to Dedicated Linux Node.

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hello TusharDev_Qlik

You may want to try to open your own thread. 

I have run Postgres on non windows before. I don't think there are any special tricks. The steps should be very similar to what the 'Stand Alone' Postgres steps are. Try posting errors in a new thread so we can try to work them out. Feel free to tag me. Thanks -