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How qlik engine react to multiple qlik.openapp() command?

Hello all :),

I want to know how capability api reacts on qlikengine. In our env. we have a mashup screen which opens +7 apps and gather several objects at the same timestamp and this apps are big in datamodel.

There are 2 qlik engine node behind of this mashup but sometimes all qlik sessions drops on same engine while other node is more available by CPU/RAM. I have proper setup on virutalproxies>loadbalancing settings.

How qlik.openapp() handled on qlik engine with bulk requests that occurs at the same time. How its decided to load on which servers ram or serve enginesession etc.? Does it force qlik to initiate a new session? What are the best practices of mashups?

I dont have much experience with mashup&API sorry if its a wrong place to ask.

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

You can use this API to see what engines are available to the App, to make sure everything is configured correctly: 

A common gotcha there is not adding all of the engines to the Virtual Proxy being Load Balanced. 

Here is a guide to Troubleshooting NLB: 

They have a lot of great troubleshooting steps in the linked 'Troubleshooting NLB' guide.