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Issues when reloading App Metadata Analyzer

Hi guys,

I have been trying to get the App Metadata Analyzer to work but i have not been able, i have been trying to find anything related to these issues but i have not found anything so far.

I was getting the path < error but i fixed this part when adding the /win/ parameters to the different apis URL.

After changing the paths to the URLs i got less errors, but i got different kinds.

I thought that adding all the Monitoring apps application might help a little, i thought that metadata analyzer reads data from the qvds of all these different solutions, while also using the APIs to gather data, but i think it doesn't.

I'll be adding a docx with the errors i got from the metadata analyzer of the version i'm using (June 2020).

Sorry if I'm missing something and thanks for taking your time reading this post.


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