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Partner - Contributor

QlikSense - Generic LDAP - Get all group members without memberOf

Hi all,

I'm facing a problem with IBM Ldap server. I need to filter the User Directory Connector in order to retrieve only those users who are member of a specific group "MyTeam" but the LDAP server doesn't support the "memberOf" attribute. So I cannot use (&(objectClass=person)(memberOf=cn=john,cn=users,dc=mydomain,dc=it)) as I would with Active Directory.

Current ldap schema:

- the user object "John" (which is objectClass type) has only "uid", "cn" and "sn" attributes.

- in the group "MyTeam" object (which is groupOfNames type) there are only "cn" and "member" attributes.

So far I couldn't find the right logic for getting the group's members. Any suggestion?

Since there is no specific UDC, I'm using Generic LDAP connector.

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