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Aliasing multiple fields

Hello Everyone,

I have a number of tables like so:

Screenshot (14).png

Screenshot (13).png

Screenshot (12).png

I want to alias the fields Expenditure.Attribute field, Income.Attribute field, Payments.Attribute field and call them date in order for them to be associated. How should this be done?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Sunny,

Thank you for your response.

I have created a separate excel file with columns for existing and desired field names.

But I am unsure how to implement the Mapping Table. I have tried inserting the code provided in the link you attached but I receive an error message when I attempt to load the data. This reads: Field 'Desired' not found.

I am now unsure how best to proceed, please can you help me.


In general it's not recommended to make any transformations within a crosstable-load. It's a heavy and complex process and to add further adjustments leads rather to problems or performance issues. Therefore the common solution is to make this afterwards in following loads/statements.

Beside them in your case you might get nearer to your requirement by following this pattern:

Unqualify *;


crosstable(Expenditure.Date, Expenditure.Value, 1) load * from ExpenditureSource;

- Marcus

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Hi Marcus,

I am not sure that this will work as it is not that the field name has been qualified with the table name. Instead, the field name is just called Expenditure Date. It is not called Expenditure.Date.




I think you could also use this fieldname. By using spaces or any special chars a fieldname must be wrappend with double-quotes or brackets - just try it, it should work.

"Expenditure Date"


[Expenditure Date]

- Marcus