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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Cannot access Qlik Sense apps on iPad via Qlik App


Recently we have been experiencing that some of our end users are not able to access Qlik Sense apps via Qlik app on their iPad (only), but they are able to access the same app without any issue on the Qlik Sense browser version (e.g. on Safari)!

The users are on VPN, have latest iOS, have latest Qlik Sense mobile app version, but receive the below error when trying to access the mobile app:

"you must connect to the Qlik Sense server at least once before you can view its contents without an internet connection. Make sure that your internet connection is working and tap the Qlik Sense server again."

It is not about a connection issue to internet or wi-fi as the other apps on the iPad are working without any problem. Some of the users have a professional license and other ones have analyzer license. 

We have a multi-node setup with Qlik Sense September 2019 patch 1.  Is there any configuration item on the servers and QMC I need to check for this issue?

Any help appreciated


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