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Good morning all,

I am new to Qlik and for some time I am trying to build a daily scoreboard on the Qlik Sense Desktop Platform.

In one of the apps we already build, my team and me used in visualizations WeeksAgo as a function in order to have 3 different weeks next to each other using bar chart. Unfortunately, there is no such function for the days ago (or at least I could not find it).

The idea is on a daily base to be automatically updated and to be showing each Week day (with the name of the week day - not as a date) compared to the same one previous week and the week before that. Please see the attached file in order to understand better what we need.

We would highly appreciate any help and cooperation on the case!

Thanks in advance!


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Master II
Master II

Not sure what you looking for....

If you have dimensions such as Week Day then use it....

weekDay(DateField) as [Week Day] <<< In Backend

Week Day as Dimension and then use your measure(s)