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Creator III
Creator III

Disable MiniChart in Barchart


I am trying to disable the minichart in the scroll bar of a bar chart.



I was quite sure that this is possible, but can't find the setting anymore?


Thx for your help.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

There's not a setting to do it from the chart, it's baked into the theme. We have edited the default Sense - Breeze theme to take this into account, as well as changing colours, etc.

Creator II
Creator II

Actually, I have the same Problem and found both, the place to switch it off AND the drawback.

How to switch off:
Go to the x-axis settings, choose user defined and remove the tick for the mini-chart.

The drawback:
It works only, if you make the axis a continuous one. See my screenshot below (sorry for German interface)


Unfortunately, I have to put city names on my axis and I need to sort them by an expression value e.g. sum(sales). This does not work for a continuous axis.

Furthermore, I want to get rid of the vertical orientation lines and just keep them for the y-axis. Is there any solution?

This is how it shall look like (currently in View and as combo with a line chart):



Creator II
Creator II

Thank you Michael!