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Creator III
Creator III

How to Create Pie Chart With two measures in Qlik Sense

Hi Guys,

I have a requirement, I want to create pie char/ donut chart with two measures below i am mentioning my dimensions & measures

Dimension: Skill Name

Expression1: =Sum({<[Closed date] = {"$(='>=' & Date(Today()-30))"},[Job Status]={Closed}>} [Total No. of Openings])

Expression2: ==Sum({<[Closed date] = {"$(='>=' & Date(Today()-30))"},[Job Status]={Closed}>} [Ageing in days])

I want my chart like this.. this chart i created in qlikview

I legend i have mentioned dimension and Expression1 and in chart Expression2 values are visibling


Can you guys Please help me out from this

Thank you in advance


B V S Sudhakar

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Yes you can do it in Qlik Sense too - but it has to be done in an entirely different way as you can't have more than one measure. However this single measure can use the Dual() to concatenate several expressions into a string part while providing only the original measure into the numeric part of the Dual().

2018-08-24 17_56_40-_#QC 2018-08-24 Warehouses - My new sheet _ App overview - Qlik Sense.png

In addition you will have to set the measure's "Number formatting" to "Measure expression" and then under "Appearance", "Presentation" switch the "Value Labels" to "Custom" and select "Values".

Creator III
Creator III


I tried with Dual Expression:

dual(Sum({<[Closed date] = {"$(='>=' & Date(Today()-30))"},[Job Status]={Closed}>} [Total No. of Openings]),Sum({<[Closed date] = {"$(='>=' & Date(Today()-30))"},[Job Status]={Closed}>} [Ageing in days]))

I got the chart like this:


But i want one change, I want no.of openings values in legend (Eg: Quality  1, Drupal   4, .NET 2.... like this).

In chart i have show Ageing days but in legend i want openings values.


Is there any Possibility to show null/zero values in this chart

Creator III
Creator III


Hey Guys Please help me out from this also