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How to build a chart by a difference of counts of the same values in different columns of a table?

I have a table of 2 columns, say, A and B.

Each column has numbers from 1 to 10

For each of these numbers I want to find out, if this number is present more often in column A or in column B

In Excel I could do this as the difference of CountIFs (on the picture). The chart shows a bar of height 1 at position 10, because number 10 is found 2 times in column A and 1 time in column B

Help me, please, how can achieve the save in QlikSense?

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Creator III
Creator III

Hello Airapport,

It is easier if you can modify data model. First, you have to unpivot the tabular data.

LOAD floor(rand()*10)+1 as A, floor(rand()*10)+1 as B AutoGenerate 20;

LOAD A as Value, 'A' as Column Resident SampleHorizontal;
LOAD B as Value, 'B' as Column Resident SampleHorizontal;

Drop Table SampleHorizontal;

Then you can use "Value" as dimension and "Count({<Column={"A"}>} Value) - Count({<Column={"B"}>} Value)" as measure in your bar chart.

I hope it solves.