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How to configure my virtual proxy to acess all streams?


I had to configure a new virtual proxy because i wasnt able to perform some methods from the repositor API. Now i was listing my existing Apps with a GET method similar to this: I can retrieve results but i notice that i can only retrieve data related to Apps that have stream name  property to "Everyone", like this:

        "stream": {

            "id": "a70ca8a5-2dw1-4cc9-b5fa-6e207978dcaf",

            "name": "Everyone",

            "privileges": null


How can i configure my virtual proxy in order to get all streams, not just the ones to configured to "Everyone"??

1 Reply

Hi Mario,

The list of streams depends on the authorized user, you will only see the streams you have access to. So if your virtual proxy authorizes as one specific user, make sure that user has access to the streams you want.

Erik Wetterberg