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Partner Ambassador/MVP

Is binary load supported in Qlik Sense ?


I'm playing with Qlik Sense, and I was wondering if BINARY load was supported in Sense?

I'm trying to load a data model using Binary, and I'm getting an error "Cannot Open File..."

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Former Employee
Former Employee

As the structure of SA has changed in Qlik Sense, you need to refine the SA. For example NTNAME is not a valid field in Qlik Sense, instead one should use USERID. See this section in the help



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Will USERID work under QlikView? Does that mean we have to have 2 different versions of the QlikView document now? One for QlikView and one for the QlikSense binary load.

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Hi I have already deployed an app in the qliksense server which is been scheduled. I wanted to do Binary load from that app in another app. So how can we give the binary path of the app which is in the server ?

Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

how I can do binary load from other app in Sense server?


Binary lib://temp (rbcgrp_korsikov)/Binary_load_bug.qvf; //Work fine

binary lib://Sense_app_folder (rbcgrp_korsikov)\f6455067-26a7-4a3a-bf5b-42e65ce63e71; // not work

Binary lib://temp (rbcgrp_korsikov)/f6455067-26a7-4a3a-bf5b-42e65ce63e71.qvf; //work fine

binary lib://Sense_app_folder (rbcgrp_korsikov)\f6455067-26a7-4a3a-bf5b-42e65ce63e71.qvf; // Work fine, but server lost app

Where temp (rbcgrp_korsikov) is folder on my comp,

Sense_app_folder (rbcgrp_korsikov) as default app folder Q Sense server.

that is, if you do not specify the file extension is not loaded. And if you specify the extension of the server can not work with the file.


Interesting enough: if I manually copy the one of these files and add the ".qvf" extension myself, IT DOES BINARY LOAD!

Binary 'lib://SenseApps/75b5613b-0634-4fe2-a3ec-37c11a5aa23a.qvf';

Where SenseApps directs to a local folder on the server: "C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Apps"

It's tempting to writing a background script that keeps a up-to-date copy with qvf extension of all my apps, that will provide me with the feature of using one app as a source for others... But that doesn't really feel like the way to go here

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Here is a video that explains how to do a binary load:

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

What is the best practice around binary loads and/or how is this intended to function within the Sense server environment?  While Sense seems to support this is some ways, having to change the file extension, therefore making it uneditable in the hub is not workable.

I have run into an "access denied" error and am wondering how to go about properly resolving it.  The service account running services is a member of the admins group which has a full set of permissions to the working directory of c:\programdata\qlik\sense\apps. When I change the file extension to qvf, the binary load is successful but now the I'm not able to open the app itself in the hub. !

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Using Sense 2.1.1 in does seem to be possible to binary load from

binary lib://Sense_app_folder (rbcgrp_korsikov)\f6455067-26a7-4a3a-bf5b-42e65ce63e71

as long as the app in not open within the hub (else it gets an locked-by-other-process error)

Does anyone have any more experience in binary loading from an app on server?


Strange thing is that i sometimes get a "Cannot open file" error and sometimes it works fine. Anyone else seen this behaviour? not sure what causes this.

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Yep. I was able to do a binary load directly from the apps folder without adding an extension of .qvf or .qvw.

But today its pops up with an error "Cannot open file".Could be a bug