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Is it possible to coloring a Graphic by range of values?


I'd like to make my bars graphic to have a certain shade of color, according to pre-set values.. for instance, values ranging from 0 - 20% light blue, 21-40% slightly darker blue and so on.

Is that possible?

My biggest issue is that I've built a graphic that has several Y-axis options.. when I choose color by measure, it doesnt respond to the change of Y-axis and keeps coloring with the information of my first Y-axis option.



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Master II
Master II

Can you share the sample app or data along with given expression and dim?


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Sure. Here is one of the graphics..

What I would like is the color scale to change when I change the Y axis.. so far I managed to make that happen for one of the Y options, but the color.

But where can I attach a qvf file? It´s not showing as an option.. I'm adding images to try to explain what I mean. What I wanted was for this graphics to have the same coloring effect, left blueish and far right red. As you can see, the coloring is coming from the formula I used to create the values for the second graphic.

All my Y-axis are calculated in the same way... sum(if(Column1='',1,0))/count(ColumnWithID)*100. My X value has the units I'd like to compare..

Captura de tela 2017-02-09 12.34.41.pngCaptura de tela 2017-02-09 12.34.20.png

Thank you so much for your help! ! !