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Contributor III
Contributor III

KPI Color

Hello I have a KPI Chart that shows Sum(Sales)...When Sales are more than 100M i want it Green and when it's less than 100M i want it in RED.

But  when i select a specific month i want colors to change in that too. For Example, IN November Sales are 15M. I want atleaset 20M sales in a month. I want 15M to turn into Blue after month selection.

What should i do ??


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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi Lionel

I have not done it yet, but plan to do something similar in the near future. I would suggest getting a config file (excel table for example and let's call it Targets for now) with a column for Month, RedValue and BlueValue. For each month you can then set these values and associate the Targets table with the dates of the sales table.

In QS KPI object, you can then go to Appearance -> Color -> Conditional Colors ON -> Library Colors OFF -> and add two limits. The first limit will be something like Sum(Targets.RedValue) and the second will be something like Sum(Targets.BlueValue). Your colours between the limits will then be red, blue and green (from left to right) and will then filter as you filter your months.