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Creator II
Creator II

Master calendar not linking correctly with charts?


I have created a master calendar and successfully associate it to my FACT table. The goal of the master calendar is to enable me to create zero when there is no data in any particular month during my COUNT of my measure. Take a look below:




For the bar chart, there should be zero for Dec-22, Feb-23, May-23, Jun-23 but it does not appear despite having master calendar.

I checked my master calendar and it has all the date, associated link via DATE_IN. In my measure table, the date is:

ApplyMap('DDate', "DATE_IN") AS DATE_IN

And in the master calendar:

Date(Date#([CompleteDATE],'DD-MM-YYYY'),'YYYY-MM-DD') AS DATE_IN,

Why is this happening?


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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Hello @user467341,

as per above script, Date format in Table is Different as compare to your master calendar Date, you have to use same date formatting at both side


Date(Date#([CompleteDATE],'DD-MM-YYYY'),'MM/DD/YYYY') AS DATE_IN in master Cal. script.

after that while using ApplyMap use below script.

ApplyMap('DDate', [DATE_IN],0) AS DATE_IN