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Contributor III
Contributor III

Out of stock and risk of out of stock signalling

Hi all,


I have 3 different tables in excel:

1. A table with article information. Fields: Artnr (= article number), Stock_Today (= current stocklevel) and Leadtime (= the leadtime of the specific article from orderdate to date in warehouse)

2. A table with a salesforecast per day per article, where the demand per day is different each day. Fields: Artnr, Demand_Date, Demand_Quantity

3. A table with shipment information. Fields: Artnr, Delivery_Date, Shipment_Quantity


What I want to see (in a table) is:

- which articles will go out of stock between today and their leadtime. 

- the date of going out of stock

- the date of the next shipment delivery

- the out of stock risks (= the out of stocks when Demand_Quantity is x% higher than forecasted. x Should be a variable which can be adjusted manually


Thanks in advance!

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Please share sample dataset.