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Contributor III
Contributor III

Percent of month passed

Hi All,

I want to calculate the % of the month passed only including working days.

So say its a 20 day working month and its 10 days through the month, Working Days Passed will be 50%. 

How do I create a dynamic expression that changes every day?

How would I also include the Bank Holidays for that month?

Many thanks

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Hi, with networkdays() function you can count the days from monday to friday between 2 dates, and the last parameter is the holidays to avoid to count them.

As a workaround you can load in script a table related to the YearMonth field that stores the number of total working days each month have, and each date of each month can have stored a value with the number of working days in that month until that date.

Then you can use both precalculated values to obtain the %.