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Partner - Creator III

Performance Comparison between Two Qlik Apps Loading Same Data

Hi Experts,

I have two Qlik apps that load data from the same tables with identical data structures and rows. However, they use different approaches to load the data. I am trying to understand which approach offers better performance.

First App:


Second App:



Which of the two apps, First App or Second App, is likely to have better performance, and why?

Additionally, if you have any suggestions on how to optimize the scripts for better performance, please feel free to share your insights.

Thank you for your help!

2 Replies

Well in the above the first one. 

As the second you are first doing what you did in the first, then you are storing that data in to a QVD, dropping the data and then reloading it again. 



As per Qlik, in my experience with Analytics, Second option is optimal. 

The reason behind with high volume of data set you will get huge amount of data, and after the same data set you will be optimizing and storing into QVD (1:10 ratio - According qlik algorithm) which data file will be used in many places.

So, from there with QVD, you can write Incremental load as and when needed if you have primary Key with this data set.

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