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Contributor II
Contributor II

Security Rules in Qlik sense Hide Application for the particular user

Hi All 😊,


I have a requirement from the client that is following:

if I published the applications App1, App2, App3 in one stream Stream1. I have three users User1, User2, and User3.

Now if User log in with User1 then User1 only can see Application App1, not others.

and if the User login with User2 then User2 only can see Application App2, not others in the same stream Stream1,

and if the User login with User3 then User3 only can see Application App3, not others in the same stream Stream1.

Kindly revert me asap.


Thanks and regards,



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The thread @Mark_Little links to covers this pretty well. People typically use the concept of "custom properties" to provide access granularity at this level:

Just adding a rule is not enough though. You will also need to disable the default access rule titled "Stream" that grants users access to all apps in streams for which they have access.