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Contributor II
Contributor II

SetAnalisys - first day of the next month

Hi, I created a "FirstDayNextMonth" field in the master calendar. The field has a date format.
In the table I want to do "set analysis" as below:
= Sum ({$ <Date = {"$ (= FirstDayNextMonth)"}>} [Value])
Unfortunately it does not work. Please help.

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator


NOt sure what you want to achieve, but if you want to calculate it on First Day of Next month, then can do it on the frontend as well:

Pl  see the below Set Exp
= Sum ({$ <Date = {"$ (= Date(MonthStart(AddMonths(Max(Date),1)),'DD/MM/YY'))"}, Month = >} [Value])

*you can change format based on your date format. and always select one month.


Contributor II
Contributor II

Partially succeeded 🙂 Now I just need this data to be contained on one line. I know I'm referring to the date of the next month, but maybe there is a solution?