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Contributor II
Contributor II

Single quote-double quote in usage variable

Hi everyone,

Firstly, we are using Qlik Sense November 2018. In an app, single quote is working but in another app not working. I think there was a bug about this issue. Was the problem fixed in the next versions?

This is my Expression:

Sum({<YEAR = {'$(v_maxyear)'}>} SALES)

This is my variable: v_maxyear = max(YEAR)

Thanks a lot

2 Replies

As your variable is an expression you need to evaluate it.

You can do that by either adding an equalsign to your variable value leaving your variable looking like this 


Or you can adjust your expression like this

Sum({<YEAR = {'=$(v_maxyear)'}>} SALES)


Contributor II
Contributor II

Yes, you are definitely right. I can also handle by using double quote instead of single quote.

But my main problem is that the same expression and variable work in an app, however, it doesn't work in another app.

Do you have any idea?