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Contributor III
Contributor III

storing Variables in Expressions

hi Folks 

I have to store this expression in a variable and that variable i'll put in qs-variable Extension object because this expression is not working in value bracket ,although this expression is working file in chart,but not in that Extension, so i thought i'll make this expression into  a variable in script and then I'll call it there so anyone can help me that how can we do it 


please Help me out 

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Master II
Master II

let variable_1= pick(match(upper(UserID),upper(SubField(OSUser(),'UserId=',2))),UserCurrency)


OR  just create a variable from the UI as the variable in the script will contain the id of the person who reloaded it.

don't miss the = in the front


Learning never stops.

May be you need this

=Pick(Match(Upper(UserID), '$(=SubField(OSUser(),'\',2))'), UserCurrency)