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Currency Daily Updating

I have avarage salary of employees in 5 cities in the table and i need to change these amounts from euros to usd and czech crowns.

And these rates of currencies have to be loaded from this website and daily updated in that app https://www.nbs.sk/sk/statisticke-udaje/kurzovy-listok/kurzovy-listok-vybranych-cudzich-mien-voci-eu...

i am still beginner working with qlik and i would really apprieciate any your help

thanks in advance34509890_1694134600683342_24099482404651008_n.png

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Re: Currency Daily Updating

Create a new connection to a Web File using that URL and it will find the table and let you import it

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Re: Currency Daily Updating

try to use Rest API Connection

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Re: Currency Daily Updating

Okay, I've got it loaded now in the fields but how do i make that euros will be changed for usd in daily updating?

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Re: Currency Daily Updating

the daily rate you can store into a qvd

(see https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/April2018/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Scripting/ScriptRegularStatements...

for details.

at the load script from courses add

today() as RateDate

so you have the date the rate belongs.

Also store the daily rates into daily qvds.

In your data model load all rate qvds and link rate date to datas.

For former rates you have to create datas.