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Difference between Time and Interval

Hi guys,

Normally "interval" would give me the same result as "time":



Recently I've noticed a difference.  I got a 48:09 as result for a "time" and -11:50 for "interval".

Do any of you know the difference between the two functions?



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Re: Difference between Time and Interval

It gave you a negative number for interval?

In general Time is what you see in a clock, whereas Interval is duration. Basically, You started at 6 am and ended something at 7 am.... so it took you 1 hour... whereas time is 6 am or 7 am...

Not sure if this was clear enough... but that is how I see it

Re: Difference between Time and Interval

I stil don't know why I would get a negative number for an interval, but I've found out that if I use "time" and the result is bigger than 60 minutes, only the minutes over the 60 minutes get displayed.


Interval - Time 

14:00 - 14:00

68:00 - 8:00

72:30 - 12:30