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Excel Export issue in Qlik sense

Hi All ,

Here is an urgent issue on which I need help of all experts.

I have made some reports (Straight table ) in qlik sense and given it some name eg: Sales Report . While exporting those reports its name gets changed and come in some different format eg: 847054f0-4d7c-4760-9dc8-c36b5b7e4e19.xlsx .

Is there any way to display the same name i.e after excel export . If I export Sales Report to excel then it should be export as Sales Report.xlsx.

Also I want the date along with the name of the report .

If an user select 05/06/2016 date from Sales Report and export it into excel then while exporting its name should be

Sales Report 05/06/2016.xlsx .

Pls help me with this .

Thanks in Advance,

Minal Gedam

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Re: Excel Export issue in Qlik sense


When you export the straight table from qlik sense it is giving some random name and while downloading if you want to save you can do a save as and give the name you want that will serve the purpose.. I presume you are doing this process manually if you are using Nprinting to automate the exporting process then it is different scenario and you can create appropriate task and give proper names..


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Re: Excel Export issue in Qlik sense

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply.

But I don't want to save as it. After downloading while saving only my excel name should be Sales Report 06/05/2015.xlsx.

This is my requirement . I dont want to save as my file .

Re: Excel Export issue in Qlik sense


That;s qlik default behavior.

To Automate this I recommend you to go through NPrinting once.

You can achieve above things via NPrinting out of the box.




Re: Excel Export issue in Qlik sense

no option to give the name.

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