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Iframe link asking credentials while accessing via dot net application.

 Hello Team,

I have a dot net application, where i am integrating Qliksense app via IFrame. Issue is when user logsin to dotnet application, he inserts the credentials. But when clicked on iframe, it again ask for the credentials, which shouldn't be the case.

We have generated the App Iframe using “Qlik Explorer for Developer” tool. Link is like below: 

<iframe src='https://abc.com/single?appid=4aa8a54cd-bf43bb5-47f5-b1dc-9b53rt6565d74cd7&sheet=80854123453256-20749...' style='border:none;width:400px;height:400px'></iframe>

Above mentioned Iframe has been placed to ASP.NET MVC Web Application, then it prompts for user credential.

Our requirement is that, without entering the user credential on web page, how we can render the Map ?

Can anyone help me in this?


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