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Loading image using expressions

Hi all!

I am attempting to do something similar to ( - loading an image in Qlik Sense via an expression.

I am unable to load the image as there is no option to choose the representation of the measure. Is there any alternative way to load images with expressions?

Thank you.

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Hi Lim,

When you create a Text & Image object you can just click or tap on the picture icon and reference to whatever image file you have in your hard disk.

Apart from that, I would not recommend to do a bundle load to avoid making the Qlik Sense app heavier.


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Hi Miguel,

Thank you for the prompt reply

I am currently trying to load images using conditional statements. Would it be possible to use expressions in Qlik Sense to achieve that?



You will need to make sure you reference to a folder in the hard disk where the images are stored, you cannot reference them by means of an expression.

However you could create your own extension object so you can show thumbnails or anything else.


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Hi Lim,

I made a simple extension that loads images into table cells. It is very limited but it might help you to build a specifict extension for what you want.

1.- The only thing you have to do is unzip the attached file on the following path:

C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions

2.- Then refresh Qlik Sense Desktop, and you should see it on the left hand side under the chart objects:

3.- I droped the images I wanted to display on the path where the rest of the Qlik Sense Images are:

C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Content\Default\Images

4.- Then I loaded an Inline table to test it out. Something like this:



    ImageName, Path

    "Icon", "http://localhost:4848/content/default/Images/icon.jpg"

    "Map", "http://localhost:4848/content/default/Images/map.png"


5.- Then just configure the extension object to generate the desired path.

Hope this helps!

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Understand not recommending BUNDLE load - my question: does it work in Qlik Sense?

I do a BUNDLE and I can use INFO(Fieldname) but all I get displayed is the QMEM://... string.

I am using a Text & Image object.

Thanks, Adam

Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Jose, excelente

Como hiciste para crear esta extension? que ejemplo seguiste?




Hello Jose,

Awesome extension. yes, i am not sure is this a limit. Ok, I cant adjust the image file size, seems that u have fixed the length and width of the image box.

I have a very large image file that need to be displayed out when i selected 1 of the object. Now as result, the image file is too small.

Anyway you can tell me any workaround?


Hello Adam,

I have tried that bundle load and used text img object too, and the object still showing string, even though i have change the responsive behavior to IMAGE.

I have tried Jose's extension too, it solved half of my problem, there's a limit on the image box size, no matter how big or small your image files.

So far, have you gotten any better solution?

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thanks for sharing sir