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Creator II
Creator II

Moving reports between environments


We have planning to use two VM, where both VM contains both Qliksense(version April 2018) and NPrinting servers(version April 2018). planning to use one VM as Devlopment environment and other VM as production environment, by replacing .qvf and .npx files(exported in zip file) from Developemnt VM to Production VM qlik and NP servers.

Is this process possible?

Becausen When i open same apps(created in one server and exported to other) in qliksense in both VM servers, both have different appID. and there objects ID will be different. So in NPrinting if i import ZIP file from developemnt server to prod will it work? as there will be diferent object ids.

How it updates report with latest changes in NPrinting on data refresh as there will be different ObjectIDs and appID? have i missed/ misunderstood on this process

Is there any other way for this plan to work?

Any idea or work around is appreciated. Please help me on this.

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You are correct.  When you publish an app from one environment to another they will have different GUIDs.  So any connection that you had in NPrinting on one system will not work with the other.

Working with NPrinting in multiple environments has been a huge challenge.  Currently we only have a single NPrinting instance.  Not ideal as we are basically developing in Production.  Since we have not setup a 2nd instance of NPrinting I have not had the opportunity to try to figure this out yet. My guess is that it is not easy currently. 

Hopefully someone else has already lived through this.