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Patches for June 2017 Release

We recently installed the June 2017 release with patch 1.

Patch 2 just came out.  I wanted to upgrade our system. 

I was surprised to get a prompt that said patch 1 had to be uninstalled first.  It does not work this way with the Desktop version and never worked this way with prior Enterprise versions.

I went to Add/Remove programs hoping I could just uninstall the patch but it appears that my only option is to uninstall everything. 

So my questions are this.

1.  Do you in fact have to uninstall everything and start over?

2.  Is this going to be the normal process for upgrades going forward?

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Re: Patches for June 2017 Release

Hi Mark,

for the first question you don't have to uninstall everything and start over.

Use the installer for Patch 1: you'll be prompted for uninstalling only the Patch. After uninstalling the Patch you'll be able to install the new one.

I can't answer the second question, but I would like to ask another question:

I saw that with Patch 1 the Monitoring Apps have been upgraded.

If we need to uninstall the patch for whatever reason, the upgraded Monitoring Apps will stop working as expected?



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Re: Patches for June 2017 Release

Thank you.  The upgrade worked fine doing what you said.

It appears that if you do a reload of the 2 monitoring apps after you install patch 2 that they work just fine.